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Funeral Caddy

Funeral Caddy - Standard
Red Mahogany
Funeral Caddy Plus - Red Mahogany
Funeral Caddy Ready for Processional
The Funeral Caddy, with it's beautiful finish, allows Funeral Directors to offer a full, traditional service to families choosing cremation. The Funeral Caddy allows for a processional, front display table, recessional, pallbearers, and
locks into the hearse for transport.

Once at the cemetery, the Funeral  Caddy provides tradition and honor, allowing pallbearers to carry their loved one to the grave site.  Because the Funeral Caddy is designed to be used on the church trolley, the Director can place the church trolley
by the grave site for the pallbearers to place the Funeral Caddy on for the internment service.  

Additionally, the Funeral Caddy provides a comforting option to families who have lost an infant or toddler.
Rather than having family members carry the small casket, the casket can be beautifully displayed on the Funeral Caddy
along with flowers and/or pictures and can be moved easily on a church trolley.

The Funeral Caddy gives your Funeral Home the ability to provide a full traditional service
to families desiring to honor their loved one with pallbearers, a family processional,
and the traditional hearse-led funeral procession to the grave site.

For more information on the Funeral Caddy click here  for John at Baines Professional Vehicles or Dawson at Shephart

Shephart Holds Two Patents on the Funeral Caddy (Memorial Carrier)

US Design Patent Number D694,985
US Utility Patent Number 8689412

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